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A redesign of the website layout is prepared.

We are translating this site to the english language (from the original czech language)

Any people who are interested to beta-test Fallout Tycoon write to : 

Many Fallout Tycoon propaganda stories were written, but in the czech language, may be we'll translate some of them.

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COMPLETE   11.9.2003
Fallout Tycoon is complete. You can download it  
READ ME FIRST   12.3.2003
Welcome to the Fallout Tycoon official site. Proceed by picking one of the sites from our menu. If you have an pop-up window from our menu already oppened and you want to open an other page from our menu, please close all pop-up windows you have oppened. Only one window can be viewed at the same time. (we will repair this as soon as possible). First you should read about our project Fallout Tycoon by clicking the ,,Fallout Tycoon" button on the right. We have made a demo of our game Fallout Tycoon but it's in the czech language, and it's now translated to english, so stay tuned...As said in the general description (in the Fallout Tycoon page), Fallout Tycoon will be a freeware game. We used graphics from the game called Fallout (1&2) made by Interplay. We do not earn any money by making this game. 
The guestbook is only in the Czech language. We are searching a suitable guestbook for our site...

 Site and graphics by: Killian


 Some graphics are used from Fallout (1,2, Tactics). INTERPLAY